Monday, November 15, 2010

My Quest for Over-the-Knee Boots

The other day... well for the past couple of months actually, I have been on a (seemed to be impossible) search for a great pair of over-the-knee black boots and could not find any ANYWHERE. I browsed several popular shopping sites and some of my favorite sites, but there was no luck. It was either that, or the prices were ridiculous. It's a recession honey; I am NOT about to pay $300 for a pair of boots when I KNOW there is a decent pair out there for at least under $100..and I'm not talking about $99.99 lol (although I would, but that's a different story). Anywho, I FINALLY found an amazing pair from this wonderful site called ! I was SOOOOOO excited when I found these boots because they are 24" tall (perfect) and they are only $49.90!! That is incredible...inCREDible! So now I am patiently awaiting my precious boots. They should arrive any DAY now.. and I'll be sure to inform you (along with pics) when they come ;-)

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