Thursday, November 18, 2010

Just One More Day!!!

Okay now the Lanvin launch is just short of a day away and the buzz around town is getting CRAZY! Everyone is soooo anxious and excited (so am I) for its debut. There are a few pieces from the collection that are exquisite, but my absolute FAVORITE pieces are as follows:

I'm in LOVE with this printed trench for $199... so far my store hasn't gotten it in. I'll keep my fingers crossed, though.

I'm DYING to have these pumps! They WILL be in my life after Saturday, LOL! They are so perfect and elegant. I'll wear them to the grocery store, shopping, lunching and even to BED! Teehee

This is another little jacket that I adore. It's very angelic and Chanel-esque...don't you think? I love it..

Wednesday, November 17, 2010

YAAAY!! My Boots Came!!

I have been anxiously awaiting my over-the knee boots' arrival for like the past WEEK, and now, they're FINALLY here! I'm SOOOOO excited and can't WAIT to wear them. I think I may wear them to bed tonight ;-)

Monday, November 15, 2010

Accessory of the week

Since Lanvin is launching with H&M in Atlanta this week, I will pay homage to the actual ridiculously priced retail brand. These snakeskin wedges caught my attention because, well, LOOK AT THEM! Lol. they are everything you vould ever want in a wedge. It's classy, chic and girly. If you're more of a punk rock girl.... browse another site. Alber services to the powerful, yet girly woman verses the punk chic girl. I'm in LOVE with these quite frankly :-D

My Quest for Over-the-Knee Boots

The other day... well for the past couple of months actually, I have been on a (seemed to be impossible) search for a great pair of over-the-knee black boots and could not find any ANYWHERE. I browsed several popular shopping sites and some of my favorite sites, but there was no luck. It was either that, or the prices were ridiculous. It's a recession honey; I am NOT about to pay $300 for a pair of boots when I KNOW there is a decent pair out there for at least under $100..and I'm not talking about $99.99 lol (although I would, but that's a different story). Anywho, I FINALLY found an amazing pair from this wonderful site called ! I was SOOOOOO excited when I found these boots because they are 24" tall (perfect) and they are only $49.90!! That is incredible...inCREDible! So now I am patiently awaiting my precious boots. They should arrive any DAY now.. and I'll be sure to inform you (along with pics) when they come ;-)

LANVIN for H&M!!!

So the date is RAPIDLY approachin for the Atlanta launch of Lanvin H&M and I am STOKED! Over the past few days we've been getting in various pieces for the Saturday debut and from the looks that we've gotten, my favorites are the all black zebra print trench coat, the GORGEOUS cerulean metallic heeled pump, and the purple-belted one shoulder dress. This is pretty exciting and I can't WAIT to shop the collection and share my pics with you all! Satuday November 20th 2010 is the date people, mark your cals!!

Oh and here is the fashion show courtesy of