Friday, October 30, 2009

Model of the Week

This week's model is Jessica Stam. She embraces the catwalk with her pouty lips and adolescent and youthful looks. She has walked in shows for Victoria's Secret, Chanel, Oscar de la Renta, Hermes, and among many other designers.

The GORGEOUS summer 2009 dress is by Oscar de la Renta

Don't Do It

Ladies (and fabulous Gents) don't get SUCKED into the whole expensive jean trend. They're nice, and have great quality, but spending $100+ for a pair is rediculous, but hey, if you got it, flaunt it. As a "voice of reason" invest in accessories because you wear them with ALL of your outfits anyway, why not? You can buy incredible jeans from discount stores, or even major department stores (on clearance) and pay a fraction of the actual retail price. For the everyday recessionista (like me), it can be pretty easy to fall into the traps of the media. Don't Do It. Seriously, we see our fave celebs in high end brands and wish we could afford the items, but let's face it, we can't; not all of us anyway. Be smart with buying clothes. Fashion has absolutely NO rules and it's not like someone is going to walk up to you, and pull down your jeans JUST to see what name brand you're rocking. Take my advice and let someone ELSE to the major spending. When they get tired of it and want to move on, trust and believe they will get rid of it... and you'll be there to scoop it up for a damn good and affordable price. Can I get a "Whuuut whuuuut"? hehehe

Quick Post...

Just so you are informed, when buying a cardigan, be sure to buy them at bargain prices. My advice is to not invest in a cardigan by paying a lot of money for one and wearing it over and over. Check out thrift stores, Plato's, and other discount stores for them. I mean, why pay over $100 for just ONE cardigan when you can buy at least 10 of them combined for that price? Makes sense? Of course it does! Lol. If you want to settle on one, fine, but don't pay more than $20 for it... Forever 21 and H&M carries them at amazingly LOW prices.

Outfit of the Week

This week's title goes to Taylor Swift! I adore this look; it's cute, casual, and chic with an edgy feel to it. I love how to top is a cool fall-y color and the boots gives a complement to the handbag. It's cool and laid back.

Click to view full size image

Pic of the week

This is the pic of the week I love the feel of this photo, how the laughter enchants the conversation. Love.

Accessory of the Week

This week's accessory is by Marilyn Minter. This tote bag is for the October's Breast Cancer month collection, but will be available throughout. The picture is of a woman's mouth with pink caviar on her tongue. The inspiration? her eight minute film Green Pink Caviar. And look who I spotted trotting around town with it!!


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Click to view full size image

Wednesday, October 14, 2009

Model of the Week

This week's model is......


Need I say why? She's America's newest supermodel. I mean, really- look at her lol. She's also featured in this month's Teen Vogue issue with the amazing and beautiful Jourdan Dunn! Check it out!

Outfit of the Week

I LOVE Hayden Panettiere, but that's not why she's this week's outfit (wearer) of the week. The way she has paired this cute teal/ blue plaid shirt with mini white shorts and brown frilly flat boots has inspired a new look for many. Look how she is styling and profiling without trying too hard. I love it!

Although, she should have worn her hair in a ponytail, it would have been even cuter because a ponytail gives an "effort" look verses just wearing your hair down.

Accessory of the Week

Elizabeth and James by Mary-Kate and Ashley is one of my favorite collections to date. One good reason why? Take a look for yourself...

This cute little lace bootie is an essential piece to your closet. It is a great investment because you can wear it year round and with practically anything! The open toe gives you the option to wear stockings or go bare in whatever weather, and the gold- touch heel gives this bootie that splash of edge.

Pic of the Week

This week's "Pic of the Week" is of the glam diva Rachel Zoe!
Check out her gorg ensemble. The entire outfit is steller and she looks very comfy and chic (as though she should). The only flaw about this is that she is wearing fur... I REALLY hope that's faux fur Rachel!

Monday, October 5, 2009

Accessory of the Week

Since Fall is settling in and we still have a few of those Summer days, this jacket is the perfect go-to accessory. This is the "Accessory of the Week" because you can throw this jacket on with leggings, dress it up with a high- waisted skirt and pumps, or dress it down with a pair of skinnies and some boots!
You can find this delectable bandleader jacket (for all my non-recessionistas) for a whopping $645.00 at or also available in all InterMix stores.

And for all my recessionistas (or if you just like this jacket better), you can find this just as sexy and serious price slashing look-a-like for only $37.80 at or most Forever21 stores. See, you can still be fabulous without paying the tre tre fabulous prices!

Intermix Price: $645.00

Forever21 price (more in my range, lol): $37.80
Total Savings: $607.20!
(That's a laptop! Or like, 20 outfits!)