Monday, September 20, 2010

My 'Love of My Life' Bag

So I bought this bag like a month or so ago and wore it for the first time today and when I say it turned heads..... I mean! It is SOOO huge and roomy and I can literally fit my life in it! The texture is incredible and the snakeskin detail tops it all off. This was DEFINATELY a great investment! Lol

Saturday, September 18, 2010


So I couldn't resist! I HAD to post a vid of the LANVIN Creative Director Elbert Albaz , all courtesy of and . Of course you all know that this is one of the most luxurious brands to date and for them to collaborate it with H&M is incredible! Enjoy the vids as we all anxiously await the launch! :-)

LANVIN for H&M!!

Check this out! Lanvin is the newest guest designer for H&M! This has just been announced and I am SOOOO thrilled! The collections will be in stores November 23, 2010! Visit to get your very own widget and don't forget to vote for my blog (vote for me, leave me a comment saying you did, and I'll vote for you!) :-)

Thursday, September 9, 2010

Model of the Week

So the past few weeks have been SUPER crazy for incredibly beauttiful model Daria Werbowy. She has been the face of many fashion design labels and most recently, H&M! If you've been by a television set you can't help but see the new H&M commercials featuring the ponchos and denim for $19.95, the men's button up shirt for $9.95 and the ever-so-lovely trench coat for $34.95. Go Daria, keep doing your thing!

Check out all the fabulous videos at

Kardashians for BEBE

So today me and one of my bffs went to the debut of the Kardashians for BEBE and it was really amazing. We really love the line and ended up trying on a couple of looks as well as accessories. Here are a couple of pic of our Kardash-BEBE adventures...!

This outfit made me feel very sexy! Loves it!

This is the cutest pouchbag!

Tuesday, September 7, 2010

Another New Client!

So super ice skater Johnny Weir is Rachel's newest client. How fab is he? I mean REALLY?!

Monday, September 6, 2010

Leather Flight Jacket

One of the hottest items this Fall is the Leather Flight Jacket---> isn't it amazing?? I have done some research and found two of almost the same; same craftsmanship from two different designers!

The first one is by the fabulous retail designer H&M for the luxury price of $299.00. Now for a retailer, this is a really great buy. The fabric used is impeccable and it is actually genuine leather.

On the other hand there is a similar Flight Jacket by Manhattan based and incredible fashion designer (and one of my fave designers) Rachel Roy. Rachel's version is a vest, though. So I'm guessing $50 per sleeve in order to give you this fairer price. This vest is also 100% leather. AND it's only $199.00!!

Now you can pay $299 H&M's and get a pretty cool jacket, or you can buy the (bigger) brand name vest by Rachel Roy for only $199.00.... in my opinion, I love them both, but in this economy (and the fact that a name brand is cheaper than a retailer), I'd choose Rachel Roy's. Even though her version is a vest, you can always layer it with a really chic and comfy sweater or even a classic turtlenect. I'll buy all other items from H&M that is not an exact replica for cheap elsewhere. :-)
So the question is... Which one would YOU purchase??