Thursday, December 20, 2012

Memories of New York...

I came upon the pics taken from our FNO trip and remembered what a great and beautiful experience it was. My Mom, friend and co-blogger RebelRane and I had the best time of our lives and I hope we can all make this an annual thing. From bright lights, celebrity sightings and even running into our old friend walking the streets of NY, the night was never-ending with fun and surprises!

We had just arrived at our hotel and the view was amazing.

Neci rocking her fabulous H&M dress

We did a little (okay a LOT lol) sightseeing 

Me and my Mama

The Juicy window with the oh-so-cool Karlie Kloss.

Quick photo-op at one of our favorite stores

The incredibly sculptured Saks

We thought this photo was pretty...interesting lol

Taking a little stroll through Central Park