Friday, November 16, 2012

The scarf continues as a 'hot' item for fall

We want one for every coat, every look; justifying we can never own too many.

This season MARC by MARC JACOBS has a fabulous selection of the trendy squares, offering feminine but bold prints and lengths, like the super chic polka dot shown here:

FYI: This long style provides options for altering your look each time you wear. Try a few of these knotted wonders on for size: 


Thursday, November 15, 2012

Giving thanks...

Yes, the official day for giving thanks is officially one week away.

Send your holiday cards for those too far away for visiting.

And if you will be partaking in someone else's feast, substitute bringing your 'famous cobbler' with a special gift for the host. Everyone loves the scents of cranberry, pies, stuffings and such, but when the plates are cleared away and the guests have dispersed, they're left with the lingering but fading aromas- that citrus scented dish soap isn't going to do the trick.

May I suggest a home fragrance, candle?

Yankee makes some yummy scents. Lemon lavender could be perfect for a calming after dinner atmosphere.
It's an extension of your inner fashionista goodness.

*side scoop* Ulta is currently offering a free gift with $30 fragrance purchases. Dig in!  

Thursday, November 8, 2012

November has arrived, and although in some places the hot and cold weather are playing a game of cat and mouse, there is a distinct nip in the air and bite in the breeze. We're probably still weeks away from the bitter cold- not yet white, but definitely grey.

As a nod to Fashionista V and her love of H&M, I encourage all fashionistas to check out the Grey Collection for women. Knits, sweats and wools (great for layering), seem to be the bulk of the pieces, but I must say the leather jacket and shoes are very cool staples for the transitioning winter wardrobe. Not for the super overly cute girly girl work closet, but something she can definitely change into for fun, or darker, grey moments.

My suggestion is to grab any lighter weight fabrics offered at your nearest H&M location before months' end and slip them into your day to day mix. The more costly jackets and boots can be placed on your wish list for the holiday so you gradually have the best of the Grey world.