Friday, October 29, 2010

Quick update...

Hey there fashionistas! The other day I told you all I bought the H&M get warm stripe dress... Well, I ended up having to return it because I didn’t have the right figure for it :-( word from the wise, "if you dnt feel comfy in wht u wear, you're not suppose to wear it". The bright side is that I bought the matching scarf and I LOVE it. I was buying these pieces because Iove the colors. As we all know now, wanted to create the look like on Daria, but that didn’t work out the way I planned lol. I love the scarf waaaaay more than I do the dressnow anyway. You should try the dress on too, and if you like the fit, WORK iT! Knock yourself out! I'll soon post some pics of my new cozy, comfy, stripe-y scarf ;-) and the way I wear it..Hope all is well!Have a fanTASTic Friday! ;-D

Sunday, October 17, 2010

H&Ms Get Warm Campagn

Sooooo Fall is slowly setting in (as you can tell by the weather changes). Going into retail and

department stores you see the sweaters, coats, boots and all kinds of beloved Fall/Winter-y

attire. The best and number one place to go and get smart buys is H&M. This season's campaign

is known as the 'Get Warm' campaign which consists of chunky knits, bold stripes and vibrant

colors. I love the print ad because the models are fun, sexy and comfy. Here are a few pics of

what you can expect to buy within the next couple of weeks:

I literally JUST bought this dress and

I LOVE it! I needed it to be an xs so it could fit like on the pic here, but my store only has size smalls. We'll see how this goes, though... and the best part?? It is only $9.95! Now just need the scarf which my location

has not received, yet.