Friday, July 31, 2009

Who Wore It Best??

Ashley Tisdale Nikki Hilton

By adding the black blazer, Ashley TOTALLY mastered this look!

Rihanna Beyonce
I like them,
both, but I think I'd go with
Rihanna on this one. -------->>>

Kim Kardashian

Ali Larter

What do you think about these looks?

Thursday, July 30, 2009

Music... New Hot Tracks

Realeased this week was a loooong awaited track fom Rihanna. Actually, it is a Jay Z song featuring Rihanna and Kanye West. I LOVE Rihanna and I'm glad she's back. Check it out for yourself. What do you think of her semi-comeback?

Also released this week was a very cool track by Lady Gaga featuring Kid Kudi, Kanye West, and Common. I heard this on the radio and LOVED it! It's GENIUS! Listen to it!

My Top 5 Designers

My Favorite Top Designers of 2009:

5. Kimora Lee Simmons- There is no need for introduction for this FABULOUS fashionista! I personally love Kimora because she is all about empowering women and is very diverse. She represents multi-cultures and can relate to many people. She is a mogul, model, and a mom. Kimora Lee Simmons just had a beautiful baby boy and now she is back on the scene. She is back and better than ever! Her new and improved Baby Phat line is more fabulous and more chic for all the fashionistas. To view the new website, go to Check it out!

4. Rachel Roy- She is one of the most amazing, sophisticated designers in the fashion industry to date. Rachel is one of my top favorite designers because she symbolizes the beautiful and classy woman. Her line of clothing is aimed to the more formal and business-like type of woman. You can be sexy and classic while either going to work, or having a nice night out with friends or on a date. To view the many beutiful pieces from her fall 2009 clothing line, visit Enjoy!

3. Mychael Knight- This Atlanta- based designer instantly rose to the top. His apperances as a contestant on Project Runway made him well-known for his over-the-top designs for women. He designs for the well-rounded woman... she is chic, yet street and has a little bit of sassiness to spice things up. He has a way of knowing the woman's figure and masters their every curve. To check Mychael out, vistit his website

2. Betsey Johnson- Betsey Johnson is full of fun and life. She symbolizes the fun female in all of us. Her line is the pure definition of a funky, punk-rock chick that is spunky and rebellious. She is one of the veterans in the fashion industry because she has been a designer since the early 1960's. She has recieved numerous awards throughout her career and has set standards do high, it's pretty hard to imitate without referring back to her! Her boutiques are, to me, the most unique and female oriented in the world. When you visit her website of a physical store, you walk into a world of pink and party favors! Check it out for yourself, I am NOT lying! Lol.

And now the infamous number ONE!!!

The one... the ONLY... the creator of all things fashion, the reason why so many people are in fashion today. The woman who set trends to this very day.......

1. COCO CHANEL- She is the 'O.G' fashionista, ladies! You do not know fashion if you do not know who CoCo Chanel is. She was founded in the year 1909. Her article of clothing is couture, chic, classic, and sophisticated. She specializes in luxury goods such as handbags, jewelry, perfume, cosmetics, and many more items. Chanel passed away while designing a line at the age of 86 years old (that just shows you how dedicated she was). After her passeing, her long time friend an confidant Karl Lagerfeld took over. Over these passed 22 years, at his 'young' age of 66, he has still managed to keep Chanel's classic couturier look. The brand has maintained its meaning and stylish theme thanks to Karl. That also brings me to inform you that Karl Lagerfeld actually discovered Kimora Lee at her tender age of 13 in Paris, France. CoCo Chanel and Karl Lagerfeld are a dynamic duo, and even though Chanel has passed, she will live on in our hearts and our wardrobes!

Friday, July 24, 2009

What's hot now?

What's Hot Now?

Leggings- A really great pair of latex leggings are perfect for fall and winter. As for neon, if you do decide to wear them, be sure that you can master the look. Get a color that accentuates your figure.

Long cardigans- (and short) These are the basic essential for any season. You can wear these in summer, and in winter! If you are affected by the recession, be a recessionista and stock up on these in the off season to get them at discounted prices!

  • Skinny Jeans- These will hopefully NEVER go out of style. Buy a pair that goes with any and everything. It's best to get dark wash denim because you can brighten up your look with a nice top or blouse.

              • Sunglasses- Aviators are the prime accessories! You can go anywhere with these and not have to rock bracelets, rings, etc. If you have a banging pair of aviators, you will be sure to turn heads!