Sunday, October 5, 2014



Fall definitely creeped up on us here in Atlanta this year and I most definitely wasn't ready for it. One day (still in Summer mode) I wore a nice little summer outfit and the next day (still thinking Summer), I stepped outside and "WHAAM", windy cold! I didn't have time to go back in the house to change, but luckily I always have my dear denim jacket in the back seat of my car. Anyway, point being, we are still kind of in that transitional phase to where we can pop on a leather biker jacket with birkenstocks. 

For Fall, these are the looks I'm loving.

Suede and leather are huge right now and this dress is quite the piece! I love almost anything mod-cut so this is really a favorite of mine. Since I work retail and this would be ideal for my workday, I would casual it up, style it up with a beanie and some Toms wedge booties. For a night out, I would remove the beanie and Toms for the Atovi ankle boots. Such a great, easy outfit, right?

Fall OOTD/ OOTN by veronica-mogulinthemaking-sutton featuring a beanie hat

Balenciaga dress

Ankle boots

TOMS wedge boots

Proenza Schouler leather handbag
$1,710 -

Hallhuber beanie hat
$79 -

PUR lipstick

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