Friday, July 24, 2009

What's hot now?

What's Hot Now?

Leggings- A really great pair of latex leggings are perfect for fall and winter. As for neon, if you do decide to wear them, be sure that you can master the look. Get a color that accentuates your figure.

Long cardigans- (and short) These are the basic essential for any season. You can wear these in summer, and in winter! If you are affected by the recession, be a recessionista and stock up on these in the off season to get them at discounted prices!

  • Skinny Jeans- These will hopefully NEVER go out of style. Buy a pair that goes with any and everything. It's best to get dark wash denim because you can brighten up your look with a nice top or blouse.

              • Sunglasses- Aviators are the prime accessories! You can go anywhere with these and not have to rock bracelets, rings, etc. If you have a banging pair of aviators, you will be sure to turn heads!

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